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TSM Swimwear

** ONLY 7 LEFT ** "Groovy Baby" Swim Brief by TSM Swimwear ** ONLY 7 LEFT **

** ONLY 7 LEFT ** "Groovy Baby" Swim Brief by TSM Swimwear ** ONLY 7 LEFT **

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As an individual with OCD I process information and stimuli very quickly. I usually have at least two or three things going on at once, at any given time. Multi-tasking is kind of a super power of mine, most of the time. I started sketching while doing other things as a kid (like talking on the phone, doing homework, watching TV, etc) and the abstract and random doodling helped me to "fill up" my brain power and the need for "more to do." I have always defaulted to this kind of swirl laden, play with positive and negative space, linework while doing so and it has become something that I have put into my artwork and other designs over the years. To this day, while I usually have plenty of other "adult" things to keep me busy, if I need to, I still find myself doodling this from time to time.
Putting this on my swimwear is a fun and proud moment for me as it is literally from my hand to the suit. I think it has a way of evoking both chaos and order at the same time, creates an interesting visual, and has always reminded me of lava in a lava lamp. That is why I decided to all it "Groovy Baby." 
Available in black and white or multi-color 


78% Polyester
(Matte finish is made from 100% pre and post consumer recycled material)
22% Elastine

Shipping & Returns

As a small business I try to carry inventory to be able to send your item as quickly as possible and most will arrive in less than a week (within the US)

If your size is "out of stock" I most likely have inventory ordered on the way. Contact me and I can tell you when it is back in stock.

Custom items will take 6-8 weeks to produce and will be sent to you when completed.

For returns and exchanges please contact me via email at within 7 days of receiving your item.

I want you to be happy with your TSM Swimwear! I will do what I can to help in the event of a product defect or need for an exchange. Shipping is non-refundable and shipping will not be provided by TSM to return or exchange merchandise. Returns and exchanges will be handled on a case-by-case basis, please contact me to discuss should the need arise.

Refunds and exchanges will NOT be given for improper care of your garment or after 30 days unless otherwise mandated by law. Custom items like "The Kraken" designs are non-returnable or exchangeable unless there is a defect with the item.

Dimensions and Product Info

2“ sides at the hip
"TSM" logo at hip
Drawstring at interior
Dual layer fully lined brief
Contoured/seamed front pouch perfect for giving a more pronounced and sexier aesthetic without being immodest
Manufactured in the USA
Flatlock stitch construction prevents chafe

Care Instructions

Care Instructions:

Remember the kinder you treat your premium swimwear, the longer it will last.

We recommend rinsing your swimwear in cool, clean water after each wearing. This will help prolong the life of your swimwear and ensure lotions, sprays, pool chemicals, and other contaminates are promptly removed.

Use mild detergent and hand wash in cold water when necessary. You may machine wash but do so on the delicate cycle and place your swimwear inside out, in a net bag, to prevent snagging or other marring of the finish.

It is NOT recommended to machine wash swimwear with metallic finishes.

Remember to always hang or lay flat to dry - DO NOT tumble dry.

Avoid sitting on rough surfaces as this can snag the fabric or ruin the finish. Place a towel on rough surfaces before sitting to prevent this.

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